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Do you believe in cryptids? Do you love collecting items that feature your favorite creatures of legend? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here you can read what our customers have to say about our cryptid-themed products. From cuddly plushies to spooky posters, from quirky pins to cool hats, we have something for every cryptid lover. You’ll also discover some chilling and thrilling stories of cryptid sightings and encounters. Don’t be afraid to join the 16% Nation and embrace your inner cryptid fan!
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spooky-loving kid approved. 👌

We are OBSESSED with our plushie. The only problem is now we need MORE. Super soft, excellent handmade quality. These “haunted pants” are the perfect adorably creepy addition to any collection. We can’t wait to get our hands on more! So glad to have found these!

🖤 [modern]mortisha.


The Fresno Nightcrawler may be my favorite cryptid of all times. All they do is just keep getting caught on camera. This fuzzy little guy gets caught on my camera all the time, lurking in the background of my videos!

Furry Mothman
Snuggly lil guy

I love my Mothman plushy! He’s so cute and fuzzy. The wings are the best part, so soft! The only problem is keeping them away from my pups! (And the catastrophic bad omen of having him nearby) 🤣

A furry and fabulous yeti

This Extra Furry Yeti Plush is the ultimate fluffy friend. It is soft, fuzzy, and cuddly. It looks like a real yeti and has a cute face and big feet. It is a great gift for anyone who loves mythical creatures and cozy things. I enjoy snuggling with it and playing with its fur. It is a high-quality and adorable plush.

A cute and cuddly cryptid for your collection

This Fresno Nightcrawler Stuffed Cryptid is the perfect companion for camping trips. It is cozy, charming, and adventurous. It looks like it belongs in the woods and blends in with nature. I took a photo of it on a tree and it looked amazing. It is a great gift for anyone who loves camping and cryptids. I adore it and recommend it.

Extra Furry Yeti Plush
Truth or Demons Podcast

This company is exactly what I needed in my life!! I have been obsessed with cryptids for as long as I can remember but I’ve never owned a cryptid plushie.. until this company!! I now have this beyond adorable Yeti plush and I love him!!! He sits on my stand with some of my other weird and wonderful items and I can’t get over how cute he is! I cannot wait to get more!!!

Cryptic love

I always loved cryptids growing up seeing YouTube videos and tv shows talking about them always fascinated me and then years later I stubbled to this site from Instagram and fell further in love with the merch! The plushies really have me in a chokehold I currently own the Fresno nightcrawler and plan on buying them all! Even plan on buy them as presents for family members! So damn adorable!

Cryptid Stuffy

Love how furry and fluffy the stuffed cryptids are.

absolutely precious plushie

these are so well made, you can feel the quality as soon as you open the package. the eyes are beaded on very securely and despite how fluffy they look, they still have minimal shedding which is super convenient. obviously adorable, but also extremely worth the price. don’t hesitate to buy!

My baby cryptics

Love these lil guys, cause got them to one day get a camper, and turn it into a cryptic camper. To have them hidden around the camper lol

Wendigo Enamel Pin
Samantha Hermiston

I loved

These are very cool. Durable, well-made.

Wendigo Enamel Pin
Maddison Leffler

Wendigo Enamel Pin

love him

Wendigo Enamel Pin
Nicholaus Weissnat

Just perfect

Wendigo Enamel Pin
Davon Jacobi

The goods arrived on time, whole and well-fated. Lovely: Z, very satisfied with the product

Wendigo Enamel Pin
Alverta Stokes

Commodity satisfied. Very cute badge. Did not expect to be so big. I recommend it. Worth the price. Thank you for the product.